Susan Sng: The Collection
32inches double-up 10.5-11.5mm 18inches-11mm-Baroque 16 inches 13mm natural pink 16 inches 17.5 mm natural pink 16inches 9-10mm pastel colored Baroque 32inches double-up peach colored 16inches-10mm-pink-baroque 33 inches 12.5mm natural white 33inches-10-11mm-natural-white 16inches 9-10mm peach baroque 16inches-silver-taupe-baroque 8 inches 11mm natural pink 16inches 11-11.5 multi-colord baroque (1) 36inches-12.5mm-keishi-Baroque 34 inches garnet with 5 baroque 33inches-8mm-pastel-baroque 16 inches 9-10mm pastel colored Baroque 33inches-multi-colored-baroque-doubleup 32-inches-multi-colored-baroque-worn-as-choker 36-inches-12mm-white-keishi-Baroque 8-inches-11-mm-natural-pink 32inches doubleup pale lavender 10.5-11.5mm 32inches 11-12mm flat  baroque 16inches-9.5-pastel-baroque 32inches 9-10mm double strand peach color 34 inches 11mm natural pink 16 inches 17mm natural pink 16 inches 9-10mm pink baroque 16 inches 13mm natural white 16 inches 12mm natural white 16inches 11-11.5mm multi-colored baroque 32inches double strand pale lavender 16inches-10mm-pastel-baroque 34inches 10-11mm pink baroque 16inches-10-12mm-Baroque 33inches-multi-colored-11mm-baroque 32inches double strand pale lavender 8 inches 13.5mm natural lavender & gold 30inches-10.5mm-multi-colored-baroque 32inches double strand 10.5-11.5mm multi colored