Susan Sng: The Collection
20 inches 4 rows biba pearls with gold beads 16 inches 9-9.5 flat pearls 162inches seed pearls on moonstones 16inches-9mm-round-pearls 17 inches pearls and onyx combo 17inches 9-9.5mm round pearls 17inches 9.5-10mm pearls on silver 18 inches 9mm round pearls on cloisonne and gold beads 23inches 10mm rice pearls with silver beads 25inches-Bipa 30inches-9.5mm-with-6-cloisonne 30inches-toothpick-with-green-agate-worn-as-choker 32inches-5mm-&-7mm-pearls-worn-as-choker 33inches-7mm-with-sterling-silver-motorbike 33inches-8mm-with-red-agate 34 iches 10-10.5mm pearls double strands 34 inches 10-10.5mm flat pearls 34 inches 7.5-8mm double up 2 strands 34 inches 7.5-8mm with cloisonne beads 34 inches 7.5-8mm with cloisonne double-up 34 inches 7.5-8mm with cloissone beads double stands 34inches-5.5-with-silver-pendant 34inches-5.5mm-with-silver-scuba-diver 34inches-8.5mm-rice-pearls 34inches-double-strand-biba-with-silver-beads 35 inches 11-12mm semi-flat 38 inches bipa pearls on silver chain 38inches double strands bipa pearls on silver 38inches-biba-with-silver-beads 40inches-6mm-with-silver-bumble-bee 41inches silver chain  with 12 natural white flat pearls 41inches silver chain with natural peach flat pearls 41inchs silver chain with flat pearls double-up 42 inches keishi worn as bracelet 42 inches keishi 43 inches flat natural white 46inches-rice-pearls-with-black-onyx 48inches-rice-pearls-and-onyx 53inches-pearls-and-stones 54inches 12mm flat pearls on 54inches chain 60 inches pale gold and round pearls 60 inches silver and 7mm FW pearls 76inches bipa pearls on silver 9-9.5mm round pearls with cloisonne Spectacles-holder Triple-strands-38inches-2face-pearls